Diamonds  :

Mineral, usually colorless gemstone made of pure crystallized carbon, of great hardness and high refractive index.

Goralska continuously and closely monitors the entire process and ensures that an ethical process is applied (The Kimberley Process ensures that diamonds don’t come from conflict zones)

Diamond in lithotheraphy:

 Saphirres : 

Precious stone, whose color varies from light blue to dark blue but also in yellow and pink colors, which constitutes one of the varieties of hyaline corundum; this stone used in jewelry after having been cut or polished.

Sapphire in lithotherapy:

Améthystes : 

Precious stone, variety of transparent quartz, dark purple in color, relatively widespread in the West, sometimes called bishop’s stone because it adorns the episcopal ring.

Amethyst in lithotherapy:

Péridots : 

Fine yellow-green stone (silicate of magnesium and iron) used in jewelry.

Peridot in lithotherapy

Onyx :

Variety of fine agate, presenting parallel and concentric stripes of different and nuanced colors, some of which, semi-transparent, recall those of the nail, and which is used in particular for the manufacture of cameos

Onyx in lithotherapy:

Ruby :

Bright red transparent gemstone; variety of corundum. Burning, fiery, sparkling, precious, rich, lively ruby; the shimmer, the sparkle, the lightning, the fire, the flame, the purple of the ruby.

Ruby in lithotherapy:

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