Goralska Joaillerie X Designers

​Goralska Joaillerie is at the confluence of several values dear to its creator, Corinne Evens.

We want to create a jewelry bridge between Africa and the woman citizen of the world by donating part of our profits to foundations for a better world. On the strength of these visions, Goralska is embarking on a new and unique challenge – giving the opportunity to young jewellery designers to realize their dream of launching their collection and exhibiting their expertise in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris.

C Murino – Jewelry


J Schneider – Artist


Anaïs Rheiner – Jewelry


A Solidarity Brand

In accordance with its commitments, Goralska Joaillerie Paris is involved in the well-being of humanity and entrepreneurship by supporting jewelry designers in the launch of their brand and their collection in its prestigious boutique rue de la Paix.

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