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The collections of bracelets from Maison Goralska joaillerie Paris offer an original choice of geometric, organic shapes, the lines hug your arm for a woman who takes her destiny in hand and asserts her personality.

The bracelets, cuffs and bangles take up the strong and symbolic patterns of the house such as the leaf, the imprint or the flame so that your bracelet looks like no other.

The first bracelets appeared 2.5 million years ago in natural materials such as hemp, wood or reed, it is later that bracelets are made of silver or gold and adorned with precious stones or fine. Symbol of femininity and bond, the bracelet is worn on the wrist but also on the arm or on the foot.

The Maison Goralska jewelry teams will accompany you step by step in the creation of each piece of jewelry in 18K gold or platinum adapted to your desires and personalized to your taste, for men and women – all gold or set with gemstones. colors, precious: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or colored fine stones: amethysts, tourmalines, citrines, topazes, peridots, chalcopyrites, opals etc.

An exceptional choice of precious stones will be offered to you, all sourced by our ethical teams.

Each bracelet will be made to measure by our Parisian jewelers. This workshop nestled in a beautiful Parisian street, houses a unique know-how, specialized in fine jewelry to make the bracelet of your dreams. Made in Paris.