​Goralska Jewellery is about making our story yours and giving you an appeal for adventure.

​Maison Goralska, nomadic jewellery brand, wants to give women citizens of the world the desire to travel and to make sense of their actions. These journeys lead them towards raw materials produced in areas where the local culture is respected.

In ancient Semitic languages, “goral” means destiny and “ska” evokes femininity in Slavic languages.

This is the meaning of the Goralska jewelry house created and managed by Corinne Evens, aimed at a woman rooted in her time and moving towards the future, women who take charge of their choices and their lives with talent.

A Responsible and
Professional Vision of Jewellery

​Corinne Evens, third generation of diamond dealers, has always been surrounded by rough stones and their power.

Corinne has embraced from a very young age the poetry of stones. Now, she yearns to break the jewellery codes and reinvent a new way of handling diamonds.

Corinne continuously and closely monitors the entire process and ensures that an ethical process is applied (The Kimberley Process ensures that diamonds don’t come from conflict zones) and especially that stones and raw materials are professionally sourced.

Our Podcast Goralska

Corinne Evens

Episode 1

First podcast

Discover the different facets of Goralska Joaillerie designer Corinne Evens: from her childhood dreams to her achievements as a woman, mother, jewelry designer and businesswoman. An exciting 1st podcast to immerse you in the life of a woman in today’s world.

Episode 2

Second podcast

Discover the DNA of Goralska joaillerie Paris. Interview conducted by Luxe Magazine journalists.


For three generations, the Evens family has been renowned in the diamond business. In 1956, Georges Evens founded the EVENS GROUP. He was considered as one of the largest diamond dealers in the world.
Today, his daughter Corinne Evens – Master of Mathematics – manages the family Group, is also passionate by art and jewellery. Corinne designs all of the collections, additionally produces cultural documentaries and art movies. 

Over the past 50 years, the Evens Group has diversified into real estate and private equity, while creating an equilibrium between economic dynamism and philanthropic actions.

​In 1990, The Evens Foundation has been created by family members, along with Corinne as committed woman. She is now the Honorary President of the Foundation.

The Evens Foundation aims to contribute to rethinking and building a European reality committed to the values of diversity, freedom, responsibility and solidarity.  Every two years, the Foundation originates initiatives in media education, peace education and the empowerment of civil society through an awards ceremony. 

In 2013, Corinne Evens created her own jewellery brand “Goralska” – that embodies the values of courage, sharing, ambition and hope.

Ours commitments

GORALSKA is a brand eager to embody the values ​​of courage, sharing, ambition and hope.​

In line with its commitments, Goralska donates a portion of its earnings to organizations working towards progress and the well-being for mankind :

Evens FoundationLearning for wellbeingBabyloan Bmipbethlehem -Women for women – The Africa Center

The Goralska Woman’s Prize

Boldness, Creativity, Femininity

The Goralska Woman’s Prize honors and awards a woman who has strong ties to a country, a region, or a community, and is engaged to help improving  the living conditions there. It is a biennal prize, the next event will be in 2021.


The winner of the Goralska woman prize is a citizen of the world, a woman anchored in  country  with  wide perspective convincing her that by her actions  she is contributing to  build a better world.

Selection Criteria

The winner of the Goralska Prize should have:

– Contributed to the progress of humanity through specific actions over several years, with reliable results

– Worked on behalf of other women, either personally or through a non-profit organization

– Proved her ability to be a leader and to inspire her fellow women

A further, optional criterion is that she may have worked in a difficult or ‘at risk’ mining area.

The Goralska Woman’s Prize was awarded for the first time in January 2017. Our laureate was Fatimata Mbaye, first woman lawyer in Mauritania and defender of human rights, committed to the fight against slavery.

In January 2019 the laureate was Jannat Al Ghezi is an Iraqi human right activist and the Deputy Director of Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. She and her organization help people caught in the Iraqi Civil War and they helped Yazidis and women of other cultures escape from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant despite the grave risk involved. 

The Jury consists of women who, based on their own achievements and influence, will recognize / identify  among the biographies submitted  the  winner. 


Babyloan was created in 2008 and has now become the European leader in online interest-free lending. It enables internet users to lend to microentrepreneurs in 15 countries and to help them developing their own self-subsistence activity.

Since its creation Babyloan’s priority has been to defend a social and inclusive form of microfinance.

Goralska Joaillerie is a partner of Babyloan, donating 5% of its turnover.

Goralska Joaillerie

Given the development of the diamond created in the laboratory, Goralska decided to enhance the value of natural diamonds. Nothing will replace these wonderful stones from the dawn of time, which support millions of people and families in remote areas where employment is precarious.

Transparent pricing

Goralska Joaillerie wants to offer its customers a jewel of fine quality
and fine craftsmanship at the fairest price, avoiding retailers costs.

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