Jacques Schneider
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Jacques Schneider : “I am a Luxembourg artist activist committed to humanist values”.

Living together, building a common future, cordial relations and starting over again is our destiny … nothing is taken for granted, the extreme fragility of the balance that unites us, must question us on the importance and role of each in the creation of a more serene future, with more equity between peoples.

The sine qua non for moving towards a lasting comprehensive peace.

It is in this will that I imagine, I paint, I draw my works.

Whether pictorial, photographic, textile … my creations are bridges, doors open to others, links.

Equity, the preservation of nature & tradition, the transmission of our culture and know-how, all while respecting values ​​such as short circuits, the use of ethical raw materials, vegan with Fairwear or Fairtrade label.

A concept between the cultural center and the workshop can be found in Luxembourg.
In the Concept-Store of artist Jacques Schneider, presents his creations, paintings, books, ethical clothing as well as a selection of other Luxembourg designers / artists / producers.

A book released in 2020: “20 Joer” on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is made up of 320 pages of orange and blue works printed in fluorescent colors, black and white photographs and selected quotes from Their Royal Highnesses the Grand- Duke and Grand Duchess invite you on an initiatory journey through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The book is in A5 format with a hard cover, sewn with linen thread