Nomadic jewelry that mixes materials such as matt onyx, chalcopyrite or quartz, like an invitation to travel in the great outdoors, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa. The creations of the house Goralska are sumptuous and original. They reflect powerful emotions and are much more than simple jewels, the raw and sublimated minerality of each piece revisits the imposed figures of traditional jewelry

Jewelry is a reminder of the path we sometimes take to find each other, to discover who we are.

Our Models
Rings (60)
Wedding Bands (15)
Bracelets (33)
Pendants (8)
Necklaces (41)
Earrings (49)
Our Collections
Spiral collection (11)
Duality Collection (24)
Flamme Collection (22)
Coïncidence Collection (14)
Miscible Collection (8)
Akan Collection (4)
Feuilles Collection (40)
Soul Labyrinthe Collection (4)
Unique Pieces Collection (9)
Empreinte Collection (25)
Gold Color
White Gold (128)
White gold sandy (21)
Yellow gold (131)
Yellow gold sandy (21)
Pink gold (107)
Pink gold sandy (21)
Black gold (88)
Platinum (15)
White diamonds (54)
Black diamonds (54)
Blue sapphires (52)
Pink Sapphires (52)
Yellow Sapphires (62)