Carbonado (also called black diamond) is a natural diamond formation in polycrystalline aggregate of microscopic elements two to forty micrometers in size, very porous, lustrous on the surface and varying in color from black to green or brown. yellow.

The origin of the Black Diamond stone is quite controversial. 3 theories are possible and gemologists cannot agree on a common version.

The first theory says that the black diamond comes from an organic transformation of carbon. It is formed from the pressure of the Earth.

The second theory suggests that it would be the impact of a meteorite several million years ago that caused the deposits.

Finally, the last theory is about the explosion of a supernova. Its debris was scattered on Earth.

Black diamond in lithotherapy:

  • Represents prosperity and wealth.
  • Protects the one who maintains electromagnetic waves.
  • Also amplifies positive energies.
  • Cultivate creativity, courage, confidence and strength in you.