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Goralska Joaillerie is at the confluence of several values dear to its creator, Corinne Evens.

We want to create a jewelry bridge between Africa and the woman citizen of the world by donating part of our profits to foundations for a better world. On the strength of these visions, Goralska is embarking on a new and unique challenge - giving the opportunity to young jewellery designers to realise their dream of launching their collection and exhibiting their expertise in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris.



United Kingdom

Whispers of Meroë by Matturi Fine Jewellery is an exploration of the rich history of Ancient Egypt and the Greater Upper Nile. Not the gilded land of the Pharos that has been so often plundered for inspiration, but the Nubian dynasty and its stories of female power, resilience and lost opulence.

Africa – its art, history, design and culture – has been a constant muse for British-West African designer Satta Matturi. She transforms the diverse narratives that emerge into luxurious jewels, set with diamonds and coloured gems that are ethically sourced.


With Whispers of Meroë, we see a return to Africa; this time, to its early Nubian kingdoms with jewels in rich, textured 18kt gold, glittering with triangular-cut and round brilliant diamonds, black onyx, soft morganite, deep-red rhodolites and lustrous golden pearls .

“I have always been fascinated by Egypt” says Matturi, “As a little girl, my father would play the Cleopatra movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and we would watch that on repeat. That was my first encounter with Egypt ”. 

A fascination with Egyptology followed Matturi through life. As did a love of Art Déco – a style punctuated by scarabs, hieroglyphics and pyramids. When designing her latest collection, she wanted to draw on these two influences and set upon a research project, spending time at the British Museum and with independent Egyptologists to deepen her knowledge.


During this time, Matturi learnt of an alternative Ancient Egyptian civilisation that had fallen into the footnotes of history – the Nubian Kingdom of Kush. The Nubian dynasty and its Pharos had once ruled Egypt, forming their seat of power south of the Nile delta in what is now present-day Sudan. Here, these expert goldsmiths, who had access to bountiful gold mines, set about rebuilding their empire; crafting temples, royal baths and more than 200 tall and slender pyramids at the necropolis of Meroë, the capital of Kush. The technologically advanced Meröites were also famed for their lavishly dressed, strong female leaders, such as Queen Amanirenas, who went to war with the Romans.