Mineral, usually colorless gemstone made of pure crystallized carbon, of great hardness and high refractive index.

Goralska continuously and closely monitors the entire process and ensures that an ethical process is applied (The Kimberley Process ensures that diamonds don’t come from conflict zones)

Diamond in lithotheraphy:

  • The diamond stone promotes harmony both within ourselves and with our partners. It brings clairvoyance and clarity of mind, at the same time dissolving anxieties, tensions and blockages. The body and mind are calmed and aligned, allowing the development of the clairvoyance abilities present in each of us.
  • The diamond allows to develop its capacities of meditation, relaxation, telepathy, premonitory dreams.
  • By helping us to dive deep within ourselves, it allows us to recall the memories of the early days of our life. It is therefore an ideal mineral for people who have cut off memories and feelings related to early childhood.