Diamonds  :

Mineral, usually colorless gemstone made of pure crystallized carbon, of great hardness and high refractive index.

Goralska continuously and closely monitors the entire process and ensures that an ethical process is applied (The Kimberley Process ensures that diamonds don’t come from conflict zones)

Diamond in lithotheraphy:

  • The diamond stone promotes harmony both within ourselves and with our partners. It brings clairvoyance and clarity of mind, at the same time dissolving anxieties, tensions and blockages. The body and mind are calmed and aligned, allowing the development of the clairvoyance abilities present in each of us.
  • The diamond allows to develop its capacities of meditation, relaxation, telepathy, premonitory dreams.
  • By helping us to dive deep within ourselves, it allows us to recall the memories of the early days of our life. It is therefore an ideal mineral for people who have cut off memories and feelings related to early childhood.

 Saphirres : 

Precious stone, whose color varies from light blue to dark blue but also in yellow and pink colors, which constitutes one of the varieties of hyaline corundum; this stone used in jewelry after having been cut or polished.

Sapphire in lithotherapy:

  • Promoting inspiration, spiritual upliftment and meditation.
  • Calming mental activity and anger.
  • Encouraging dynamism and allaying fears.
  • Stimulating creativity and concentration.
  • Soothing states of sadness by restoring the joy of living.
  • Developing self-confidence, courage and perseverance.
  • Regulating hyperactivity and promoting sleep.

Améthystes : 

Precious stone, variety of transparent quartz, dark purple in color, relatively widespread in the West, sometimes called bishop’s stone because it adorns the episcopal ring.

Amethyst in lithotherapy:

  • Stone of humility and the stone of wisdom.
  • Stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity.
  • Not only promotes meditation, concentration, but also spiritual upliftment.
  • Allay anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief.

Péridots : 

Fine yellow-green stone (silicate of magnesium and iron) used in jewelry.

Peridot in lithotherapy

  • Improves self-confidence by reducing stress and gives way to a steel mind by erasing any guilt inherited from the past.
  • The energy contained in this beautiful jewel thus gives it an important place in spirituality.
  • Mystical powers to forget melancholy and various ailments, but it also brings good fortune and happiness to its purchaser.
  • Protects from the pangs of night, cancel an evil spell.
  • Reduces excess body heat or cough dysfunction, responsible for the success of marriages and relationships, or even repel evil spirits, plethora of popular beliefs are associated with it.

Onyx :

Variety of fine agate, presenting parallel and concentric stripes of different and nuanced colors, some of which, semi-transparent, recall those of the nail, and which is used in particular for the manufacture of cameos

Onyx in lithotherapy:

  • Keeps away sadness and grants resistance, strength and vigor.
  • Better anchoring to the Earth and balance for the physical body and mind.
  • Gives confidence in the future.
  • Optimizes moderation, control of passions and emotions.
  • Promotes a sense of responsibility.
  • Encourages the search for the truth.
  • Keep bad dreams away.
  • Relieves worries and bad memories.
  • Support in difficult times and bereavement.

Ruby :

Bright red transparent gemstone; variety of corundum. Burning, fiery, sparkling, precious, rich, lively ruby; the shimmer, the sparkle, the lightning, the fire, the flame, the purple of the ruby.

Ruby in lithotherapy:

  • Brings back the joy of life and enthusiasm.
  • Develop self-confidence and perseverance.
  • Promotes prosperity.
  • Regulates hyperactivity.
  • Stimulates creativity.
  • Increases all passions.
  • Preserves jealousy and promotes wisdom.
  • Strengthens willpower, courage.
  • Keep nightmares away and promote positive dreams.