Goralska Joaillerie X Créateurs

Goralska Joaillerie is at the confluence of several values dear to its creator, Corinne Evens.

We want to create a jewelry bridge between Africa and the woman citizen of the world by donating part of our profits to foundations for a better world. On the strength of these visions, Goralska is embarking on a new and unique challenge - giving the opportunity to young jewellery designers to realise their dream of launching their collection and exhibiting their expertise in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris.

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Vive eise Grand-Duc, Vive di Groussherzoglech Famill, Vive eist Land!

Coming from the third generation of a family of photographers, he is faithful to his principles, often outside artistic networks, it is through his diligent work and the quality of his first collections that his notoriety exceeded our borders and allowed him to exhibit his work around the world.

Attached to the process of creation, his work is based on a real work of technician and plastic artist. For many years, it is through the “Kritzel” Collection that he has been mixing photographic art and pictorial art using a technique that is specific to him. With more than a thousand works, his work represents an incredible inventory of Luxembourg landscapes.

For the benefit of the Foundation of the Grand Duke and of the Grand Duchess and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of “The Advent to the Throne of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke Henri”, in partnership with the Maison de Haute Joaillerie Goralska, the committed artist Jacques Schneider imagined two new creations“De Léiwe Léiw” : a silver brooch and another in white gold and diamonds.

“De Léiwe Léiw” is, for the artist, much more than a symbol; it is a state of mind demonstrating strength and power at the service of love.

This dynamic partnership between the Foundation of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess and the artist JacquesSchneider reflects this state of mind by intertwining love, values ​​and solidarity.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the brooches will be used for social assistance in Luxembourg.