Goralska Joaillerie X Créateurs

Goralska Joaillerie is at the confluence of several values dear to its creator, Corinne Evens.

We want to create a jewelry bridge between Africa and the woman citizen of the world by donating part of our profits to foundations for a better world. On the strength of these visions, Goralska is embarking on a new and unique challenge - giving the opportunity to young jewellery designers to realise their dream of launching their collection and exhibiting their expertise in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris.



Sardinia, Italy

The source of inspiration of Caterina Murino Jewellery is her love for Sardinia.

She always cultivated a passion for jewelry. Her mother’s “Fede Sarda” (typical Sardinian alliance), surely marked her childhood. During her numerous trips around the world for her films, Caterina always looked in stores, “souks” and markets, for the national stone and the best goldsmith of that country.


Caterina  has always been fascinated by man wanting to possess jewelry and precious stones, even pushing them to go to war to own a legendary diamond! “What is inside this stone, coming from the heart of the earth, that shines like a thousand fires, in front of our eyes? What is this magic that stones hold inside of them?”.  This thirst of curiosity carried Caterina between a film shoot and a theater tour, to study gemology at the “ING”, National Institute of Gemology in Paris.  Profoundly attached to her Island and her roots, whose craft is deemed to be one of the best in the world, in 2015 Caterina discovered that the 20 years ago in Sardinia were working 400 filigree artisans, today they last around 20 in all Island. So to help the last filigree artisans to don’t disappear for ever, Caterina decided to devote all her pieces to the Sardinia filigree and to the Sardinia legends.


The Sardinian filigrane has millenium origins. Transmitted from the Etruscans to the Arabs, who invaded the Island, the Sardinian artisans also transmitted, from generation to generation the art of filigrane working gold and silver. The word filigrane comes from latin: filo (filum) and grane heard like granule (granum). You will find in the Caterina Murino Jewellery line the new generation of a millennium tradition. Fili di Vento for AMREF ring is the heart of CMJ. Each ring sold supports the campaign Stand Up for African Mothers of AMREF to form midwifes in Africa.


 “There once was a White Myrtle and Black Myrtle on this ancient island called Sardinia”. Caterina Murino