From the depths of the earth to feminine and urban high-end jewelry.

“There is a woman at the roots of every big change.” Alphonse de Lamartine

GORALSKA… The relationship between an exceptional jewel and a woman citizen of the world.

GORALSKA is the combination of three concepts: creativity, femininity, and audacity.

In Semitic languages, the word « goral » means destiny; and the suffi x « ska » identifies femininity in Slavic languages.

To wear a GORALSKA piece is to adhere to a story, a life philosophy.

The GORALSKA woman shares with others her experiences and her values. She draws from her roots the faith and the strength to accomplish her projects for others, with others.

The GORALSKA jewel is a bond between a woman’s past and future.

The Evens Group

For three generations, the EVENS FAMILY has excelled in the diamond and silverware business.

In 1956, GEORGES EVENS founded the Evens Group. At the time, he was considered as one of the world’s most influential and renowned diamond dealers.

Today, his daughter CORINNE EVENS is at the head of the family group. Having graduated with a master in mathematics, CORINNE EVENS has a passion for art and fine jewelry and also draws the GORALSKA jewelry, produces documentaries and art videos.

For the past 50 years, the group has diversified in real estate and private equity and found a balance between economic growth and philanthropic activities.

Very committed, CORINNE EVENS participated in 1990 alongside her family in the creation of the EVENS FOUNDATION, of which she is now the honorary president. The foundation accompanies projects aimed at promoting a harmonious cohabitation between citizens and states in a peaceful Europe respectful of diversity. By giving awards every two years, the foundation develops the most beautiful initiatives in favor of peace education, media literacy, and the emancipation and empowerment of civil society. (

In 2011, CORINNE EVENS created her own jewelry brand GORALSKA, which embodies values of courage, sharing, ambition, and hope.