The creator

GORALSKA : a responsible and professional vision of jewellery.

Born in a family of diamond dealers for three generations, Corinne Evens grew up surrounded by rough gemstones with an aura of mystery.

Cradled by the stones’ structural poetry and the jewellery grammar, she yearned to break the jewellery taboos and reinvent a new way of consuming... diamonds!
A responsible vision of jewellery that feels good in a conflict-ridden world.

Corinne Evens keeps on monitoring closely that an ethical process is applied (Kimberley Process to ensure that diamonds are from legal sources) and especially that stones and raw materials are sourced in a professional way.

Two collections were created by Corrine Evens:

The exceptional jewels collection inspired by the olive tree symbolizes continuity ... extended to a collection of fine jewelry including some unique and dedicated pieces.

The "street jewellery" collection inspired by the exceptional jewels collections like Duality, Imprint, Coincidence and Flame was created to light women’s everyday life.